I hate wiring frames, so I am now making frames with two thin skewers to support comb.

Divide the frame into three equal section horizontally. Then drill two holes in the bottom bar.

With the frame upside down, put a line of PVA glue along the grove in the top bar. Push in the skewers through the holes in the bottom bar and glue into place. Then break of the skewers by pushing down the excess part one way and then back the other way.

You can put ice cream sticks in the groove of the top bar for foundationless frames as a comb guide or cut foundation into thirds. I also use strips of foundation as a comb guide.

I also tried making frames myself by just cuttings 11mm strips of 19mm (3/4") pine boards. They work well and are also lighter. Just need spacers on the end bars. For this I use 8mm Map pins.

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