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Davey Bees is about ideas to help the hobbyist beekeeper. Including ways to reduce the chance of Swarms, hand made Beekeeping Equipment and experiments with Long Hives. It's based on our experience with Beekeeping and many things we've read over the years from other Beekeepers experiences. We have a few ideas and this site is about recording those ideas and the results of testing.

Of particular interest has been Opening the Sides of the Broodnest (OSBN). This method is aimed at a 1st or 2nd year Beekeeper or those who do not want any more Bee Hives (so don't want to Split Hives).

The method is particularly useful in triggering Wax Making and a full box of honeycomb can be drawn before Swarm Season, this has been found to also help in reducing Swarming.

Have a look at the details here: http://daveybees.wikidot.com/OpeningTheSides

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